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Bedwetting – Sibling Rivalry – Hyperactivity – Sleep Issues – Appetite – Separation Anxiety – Bullying – Co-Operation – Aggression – Confidence – Not Talking – Body Image … and many more behavioural and emotional issues, including some issues on the autism spectrum.
Drug-free, safe and just 2 minutes a night  MORE…

“I cannot speak highly enough of the SleepTalk® program and of Michelle. The program is now a permanent part of our lives. My two year old and baby have received beautiful results. As a mum, there is nothing better than knowing I’m using SleepTalk® to reinforce the loving home we are creating as a family. I wish this had been taught to me in birthing class. Every parent should know about this. It’s easy to do and I can think of nothing better than my children having this as a permanent part of their childhood.” ~ Georgina, Richmond

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The Goulding SleepTalk® for Children process is a wonderful, non-invasive, safe and fast (2 minutes) process that you, the parent or guardian, conduct with your child in your home after your child has gone to sleep.

This process is safe, ethical and drug-free, and it works if you follow it as taught and stick with it.

SleepTalk® is about teaching parents to work with their own child(ren) while they sleep and when they awaken children have a more positive mind set. It only takes parents about 2 minutes per evening and the changes last for life. Parents talk – children listen – waking up bright and happy.
Parents use this  auto-suggestion technique with children up to the age of around 16  to speak with the subconscious mind while they sleep. All our beliefs are stored there and it’s from these beliefs that children will act for the rest of their lives. Life-affirming beliefs instilled through SleepTalk® of feeling loved, lovable and safe result in a firm foundation of high self-esteem and emotional resilience for life. (Children who received this same process over 30 years ago are now using it with their own children!)
No matter what the presenting issue, whether children have special needs or not, across the board this process consistently helps children to be happier, more relaxed, more engaged, more focused and symptoms of anxiety or aggression often subside completely. These have also been the results for children on the autism spectrum. The process works if it is followed exactly as taught and parents stick with it.