Sensitive/Gifted Kids

I have a special interest in using SleepTalk® with sensitive children as the process allows these children to build a solid foundation of feeling unconditionally loved, with strong self-esteem and greater resilience to life’s challenges. This solid foundation provides the basis for a happy childhood and successful adulthood. What greater gift could you give your child?


Sensitive children - girl holding onto mother's arm tightlyDo Any of These Apply to Your Child?

He or she…

  • Is especially empathetic to the pain and suffering of people and animals
  • Is repeatedly bullied at school, even after changing schools
  • Has frequent mysterious tummy pains that the doctors cannot diagnose
  • Is shy and withdrawn
  • Is clingy and afraid to be left alone
  • Is overly anxious
  • May have phobias and lots of general fears
  • Has an overactive imagination and imagines the worst in every situation
  • Is a light sleeper or frequently wakes up with a start during the night
  • Tends to be a loner and avoids social interactions
  • Is uncomfortable in group situations
  • Lacks the confidence to ‘have a go’ and try new things
  • Doesn’t cope well with criticism
  • May report seeing angels or spirits
  • May have been called a ‘wise old soul’ by adults

If so, then you have a sensitive child, who may be struggling in one or more of the above areas. Over the last 20 years or so I have seen many sensitive children as clients and am therefore very familiar with the special challenges of being a sensitive child. I would also say that I was a sensitive child growing up.

Some of these precious children may also be classified as ‘gifted’ and may struggle to fit in on so many different levels with their age peers.


Common Characteristics of The Gifted Child

Because gifted children are so diverse, not all exhibit all characteristics all of the time. However, there are common characteristics that many gifted individuals share:

  • Unusual alertness, even in infancy
  • Rapid learner; puts thoughts together quickly
  • Excellent memory
  • Unusually large vocabulary and complex sentence structure for age
  • Advanced comprehension of word nuances, metaphors and abstract ideas
  • Enjoys solving problems, especially with numbers and puzzles
  • Often self-taught reading and writing skills as preschooler
  • Deep, intense feelings and reactions
  • Highly sensitive
  • Thinking is abstract, complex, logical, and insightful
  • Idealism and sense of justice at early age
  • Concern with social and political issues and injustices
  • Longer attention span and intense concentration
  • Preoccupied with own thoughts—daydreamer
  • Learn basic skills quickly and with little practice
  • Asks probing questions
  • Wide range of interests (or extreme focus in one area)
  • Highly developed curiosity
  • Interest in experimenting and doing things differently
  • Puts idea or things together that are not typical
  • Keen and/or unusual sense of humor
  • Desire to organize people/things through games or complex schemas
  • Vivid imaginations (and imaginary playmates when in preschool)

From Webb, J., Gore, J., Amend, E., DeVries, A. (2007). A parent’s guide to gifted children.

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