SleepTalk® for Children Online Training Parental Edition

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Gumroad is a well-known, successful video streaming portal which now hosts Joane Goulding’s Online Training world-acclaimed SleepTalk® for Children Process. For the first time ever, parents can now gain access to The SleepTalk® Process and learn how to deliver SleepTalk® to their children in comfort and convenience on the devices of their choice, at their own pace and at the times of their choice.

 This Parental Edition reveals the core of Joane Goulding’s SleepTalk® process. This process is clearly unrivalled to date at populating hundreds, if not thousands, of young sleeping minds with high self-esteem and emotional resilience for adulthood. 

This educational system has been effective with both traditional two parent families and variations of family structures. The SleepTalk® Process bridges into the realm of your beloved child’s imagination and precisely supplies sleep-time with encouraging auditory messaging, during pre-determined states of the sleep cycle.  

Successful completion of this training requires that all 19 video sessions and the supporting resources are viewed with attention to detail.  Then you will be able to proceed confidently and begin implementation in a comfortable and manageable routine for the household. 

You, as our valuable customer and parent user, can easily review any video session as necessary.  There is no limit to getting improved results. Be consistent in repetition and practice.  Dedication to Joane Goulding’s process will fine-tune a beginner parent’s verbal delivery to be more effective over time. Re-streaming sessions will ensure your complete educational awareness and commitment to the proven speech technology and semantics being taught.

Successful parents learn how to access the child’s subconscious pathway to administer the foundation and specific suggestions during their child’s consecutive periods of sleep.  Your first child’s successful experience with this technique can be beneficial for all the children you may add to your family over a lifetime of being a parent.

These online training videos are based on Joane Goulding’s traditional live training.
The video streams provide the parent user firsthand workshop discussions, techniques and theory presented in a candid training setting. 

In an effort to make your access and viewing the Parental Edition streaming sessions on mobile devices most optimal, we recommend using the Gumroad Library App for iOS and Android. Download the app and use the same email address you use at purchase and you will find your video sessions in a few simple clicks. 

By visiting Gumroad directly and signing up for a free Gumroad member account with the email you used at purchase, you can also access these video sessions in the desktop version of the app in a comfortable laptop/desktop environment.   

As you enjoy seeing the results of this process, you may choose to share this training process with friends, families or others. You can become a SleepTalkPE affiliate, which has its rewards.  When you set up your free user membership at Gumroad, qualified affiliates can easily earn commissions which are automatically transferred to your PayPal or bank account with Gumroad’s popular Affiliate Program.  When you are logged into your Gumroad profile, you will be able to see your profits from your referrals.

It is our wish to make this 19 video and supporting resources session SleepTalk® for Children Parental Edition a valuable and useful experience to you and your family.   You can always contact us via your Gumroad portal listed on your email receipt of purchase link.  Or you can email us at and the HelpDesk will be in touch for all of your support needs.  – Joane and The Team.

5 Hours in Total of Online Training Videos Streaming in HD1080p PLUS Supporting Resources


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Michelle Mayur Accredited Goulding SleepTalk® Consultant